I Wonder To Myself

The new album, "I Wonder To Myself" by Bob Long and Keith Miller is now available! “Originally inspired to take up playing the blues in our teens, we have both been playing ever since – in bands, jams, solos, duos – and sometimes just the two of us together. Living at opposite ends of the country, we don’t get to play together as often as we would like, but when we do, the result is the kind of thing you hear on this album – a mixture of old favourites and new discoveries. It’s also a homage to the men and women who first shaped the blues and a journey through the country blues, vaudeville and jug band music of the 1920s and 1930s, to the post World War 2 electric blues of Chicago. Recorded in a single session and mostly in single takes (with some overdubbing for additional vocals and jug),we set out to capture the spirit of one of our live sets, meeting the blues like an old friend – but one full of surprises.”

Track listing: 1. Stealin', Stealin' 2. Big Road Blues 3. Green River Blues 4. I Wonder To Myself 5. Rocking Chair Blues 6. Going To Germany 7. Me And The Devil Blues 8. Some Of These Days 9. Sportin' Life Blues 10. Black Eye Blues 11. Mother Earth 12. I Couldn't Help It 13. Maggie Campbell 14. Standing Around Crying 15. Police Dog Blues