Milford Blues Night

Friday 14 June will be the first ever Blues Night at Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire. Top of the bill will be Jim Crawford and Ian Briggs, a blues duo of huge talent and experience.           

Jim Crawford is something of an enigma. Originally from Lancashire, he now resides on the North Devon coast.

A shy and retiring man who readily admits that recording studios fill him with dread and that he’d rather go fishing with his dog for company, has none the less, toured much of Europe and the U.S.A captivating audiences with his intimate folk/blues style. Softly spoken, Jim totally surprises his audience when he breaks into song with, as one reviewer put it " a richness of voice you can only be born with." and for years has been revered among professional musicians as a consummate finger picker and slide guitarist.

He first came to the attention of a wider audience when invited to record a session for the BBC’s Paul Jones Show. Jim has finished his new solo album "Roots & Originals" which is available along with his previous albums "Blues Boy" and "When the Rains Came".

The combination of Jim on vocals and guitar and Ian Briggs on harmonica, is delightful.

The event will be at The Milford Community Centre, a splendid music venue which stages folk, jazz and many other performances. The show will be hosted by Bob Long; a local bluesman with a liking for early, acoustic blues, ragtime and jug band music Bob explains, “ this event will be the first of its kind in Milford. We are going to put on a high quality blues show and see how it goes. If it’s popular, we’ll make Blues Night a regular event.”  In addition to the Crawford/Briggs duo, there will be support from local blues musicians; The Ben Gunn Duo and Bob Long & Keith Miller.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets (£10 in advance and on the door) are bookable at Box Office 01590 644861