I've just finished working on a guitar "project".  This is a Gibson L-37 (1935) which I bought on Ebay last year. The guitar has had a very hard life and was in very poor condition. It had cracks and splits. several holes in the top where pickup controls had been put in, then removed and had been badly refinished with brown paint and varnish.

I decided to refinish it in black to hide the repairs to the top. A few of the L-37s made in 1935 were black. It now has new frets and new vintage-style tuners but everything else is original. I've added a Teisco (DeArmond-stlye, monkey-on-a-stick) pickup. It's now playing well and sounds good.

Usually, old guitars don't reveal their history but this one does! It has two paper labels inside the body with hand-written information. It was first owned by William Emanuel Smith who bought it on April 18, 1936 at Warlick Furniture Store, Bluefield, West Virginia. He paid $38.5 incl tax. He lived in Wayne, Michigan 48184.

I've put photos of before, during and after the repairs / refinishing on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/boblong/sets/72157632101617931/