The next Blues Night at Milford on Saturday 13 June, will feature veteran bluesman, Giles Hedley. The show will include two sets from Giles; an acoustic duo set and a trio set, more in Chicago blues style with bass and drums

Giles has been singing and playing roots blues, solo and with The Aviators, across the UK and Europe since the sixties, on guitars acoustic and electric, and harmonicas - his trademark is simultaneous nose-and-mouth harmonica playing! He's a regular on blues festival and club circuits in England and on the continent, and has featured repeatedly on radio in England and France.


Giles's passion is to share the emotion of a blues song. Critics and audiences say he draws them into the blues feeling - joyous, ribald or sad - like no other. Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's legendary drummer once called him "the funkiest singer I've heard in Europe"!


Perhaps that’s why The Times’s critic said “He sings and a whole bar-room is rapt”, and Blues Matters called him “one hell of an entertainer”. The French magazine Blues & Co described a recent set as “ Un moment de pur blues, fait d’émotion et de feeling” – which doesn’t need translating!


Dazzling, funky, rhythmic interplay and groove are The Aviators' key features - one reason why they're in demand for party gigs as well as blues festivals!