I spent most of October in The USA, attending The Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival in Helena, The Cat Head Minifest in Clarksdale MS, staying with friends in The Delta, then travelling down to Jackson and Crystal Springs MS. The Festival in Helena was as good as ever and I’ve put some photos on this website; not necessarily the “big names” but people whose performances I particularly enjoyed. And it was good to say hello to my friends at The Delta Cultural Center and see Sonny Payne still going strong with his King Biscuit Time Program on KFFA Radio. In Clarksdale MS I attended The Cat Head Minifest which was as always, an excellent free event outside the store organised by Roger Stolle. I noticed Pinetop Perkins there, not to play, but sitting quietly in a shady spot on the sidewalk on Delta Ave., listening to T-Model Ford and others playing. No doubt he was saving his energy for his own performance later at The Pinetop Perkins Homecoming Party at Hopson’s! “Big Eyes” Willie Smith was playing at Hopsons and when Bob Margolin joined the band, the music was quite exceptionally good. Three days later I was back in Clarksdale. Bill Abel had a lunchtime gig playing for some very glamorous ladies at The Country Club. I enjoyed being Bill’s roadie and sitting in for a few songs. Stan Street and his band were playing at The Ground Zero Blues Club that evening and Stan asked me to sing some old country blues while the band had a break. Stan joined me on harmonica and we both enjoyed it. Ground Zero was full of young Italian and Croatian visitors that night and later on, the dancing was lively. Stan’s band, comprising Marshall Drew on guitar, Laura Craig on keys, Lee Williams on drums and Daddy Rich on bass, was excellent. There are photos on this site under “Blues In Mississippi” and one of Stan Street with his portrait of Howlin’ Wolf which I took at Hambone’s Gallery. The following day I made one of my visits to The Delta Blues Museum to see the Blues Education Program in action. I love to see these young people learning to play the blues and keeping it alive! I do what I can to support them. In Jackson MS I played at Hal And Mal’s (the Monday evening session of The Central Mississippi Blues Society), at JT Watkins’ Blues Jam at Elk Lodge and at Schimmel’s while the resident musician, my friend Ben Payton, took his meal break. On Fri 19, The Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation held their annual Reception at the Medical Mall at which I presented a paper on The Crossroads Legend and met many members of the Tommy Johnson family. Photos of this are under “Tommy Johnson Reception”. On Sat 20 October, the Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation held their annual Blues Festival in Crystal Springs. The weather was kind to us; warm and sunny all day. The show reached a rousing climax with JT Watkins and his band who put on a lively performance just before sunset. Photos of all the performers at the festival are on this site under “Tommy Johnson Blues Festival 2007″ Just before heading back home to England, I returned to The Delta where the farmers were busy with the harvest and I had great fun riding on a combine, cutting soy beans. I watched my last Delta sunset from the cab as the huge machine roared along the big field. I was sad to leave Mississippi, which now feels like my second home….