Here's a message I just received from Przemek Draheim, Radio Presenter for "Voice Of The Blues" on Polish Radio. Check out his website! Dear Bob, It’s here. The parcel with “I Wonder To Myself” has reached me safe and sound, thank you! I liked your solo stuff a lot but together with Keith Miller it looks like you guys have a certain chemistry going on. You sound sweet together. It is so good to know that it’s 2008 and there are guys that still play those old blues classics, in such a classy way, that is. Your acoustic takes are very strong but those two amplified tracks are my favorites. Hot stuff! I can’t wait to play the album in my shows. I’ll keep you posted with airplay news. Thanks again for the music, Bob, I hope all is well on your end. Best wishes, Przemek Draheim phone: +48 609 97 35 29 website: