Back home after my spring trip to The USA

I managed to dodge the volcanic eruptions, or should I say disruptions and the tornadoes that rushed through the Mississippi Delta and now I'm back home.

Highlights of the trip included playing the blues at The Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival (on the train to Hopson Plantation this year) and on the sidewalk outside Hambone's Gallery with Stan Street. I also enjoyed playing at The Blue Tulip Restaurant in Helena AR during the Wild Hog Fest.....a fun gig organised by my friend Katie Lambert. The Wild Hogs were good guys and Emma, owner of The Blue Tulip and her mother, had their chests painted! (see photos). I think the artist enjoys his work....

In between musical frolics I had a lovely boat trip on The Mississippi from Greenville up to Lake Whittington with Bo' Weevil and Hank, Jackson, who is half Labrador/half Bassett and Cousin Lil. Cousin Henry Earl was busy planting rice and beans and alternated between praying for rain and praying for it to stop raining....but still maintained his usual good humour.